Abortion Pills in California


Medical abortion with pills in California involves using a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol, which can be self-administered at home following the instructions of a REMS-certified medical provider. With a prescription, these medications are available at major pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, and Honeybee Health.

Our doctors, contracted by Flagstone Medical P.C., provide detailed instructions on how to take these medications during a telehealth appointment and send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. These pills are available for patients up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and are accessible for individuals over 18 years old.

Patients under 18 years old can contact Prochoice.org to find a different provider.

Pricing and Accepted Insurance Plans

SameDayAbortionPills and Flagstone Medical P.C. strive to make at-home medical abortion accessible and affordable in California. The pricing consists of two segments: the cost of the telehealth appointment and the cost of the pills, which is paid directly at the pharmacy. The telehealth visit is $250. The cost of the pills is approximately $85 but all major insurance plans can cover it. To compare this pricing to the competition read more

California Pharmacies

Major pharmacies often do not publicly disclose the availability of medications for at-home medical abortions. However, we consistently update our information directly from Danco Laboratories to identify which locations have the pills in stock. Before your appointment, we will provide guidance to ensure you receive your medication in the most convenient way possible, including options such as picking it up from CVS or Walgreens or having it shipped by Honeybee Health Pharmacy.

Same-day Appointments

Same-day telehealth appointments are available Monday through Friday, allowing you to quickly and conveniently consult with our providers. However, please note that medication availability on the same day is not guaranteed due to factors such as pharmacy cut-off times or limited stock or even imposed grace periods. Our team will do their best to coordinate with your chosen pharmacy to minimize any delays and ensure you receive your medication as promptly as possible.


Aftercare is an essential part of the at-home medical abortion process. We provide an aftercare brochure that includes detailed instructions to help you through each step of your recovery. Additionally, mental support is available through Space of Mind, a startup dedicated to providing emotional and psychological assistance. Up to two follow-up appointments with Flagstone Medical P.C. are included, ensuring you receive comprehensive care and support throughout your journey.

Birth Control

During your initial appointment or any follow-up appointments with Flagstone Medical P.C., you can request a prescription for your chosen method of birth control. Our doctors are available to discuss the various options and help you select the one that best suits your needs. By integrating birth control consultation into your telehealth visit, we aim to provide comprehensive reproductive healthcare tailored to your individual circumstances. More information about available birth control options