Pedir píldoras abortivas en CVS

Pedir píldoras abortivas en CVS

CVS provides a variety of health and wellness products, as well as prescription medications throughout the United States. Despite threats from GOP-led states, CVS has remained committed to making medication abortion available to women who need it. After The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, state laws limit how residents can access medication abortion pills. However, Democratic states are urging CVS to continue with their plans to dispense the pills and to work towards making them available as broadly as possible. With CVS's commitment to expanding access to reproductive healthcare, individuals looking to order abortion pills can eventually obtain them from their local CVS pharmacy, after getting a prescription from licensed MD.

Precio de la mifepristona y el misoprostol en CVS

# Farmacia Medicación Precio Disponibilidad
1 Farmacia CVS Mifepristona 200 mg 1 comprimido 74.38 No disponible
2 Farmacia CVS Misoprostol 200 mg 4 comprimidos 21.99 Disponible
3 Farmacia CVS Mifepristona + Misoprostol 96.37 No disponible

Estado que NO prohíbe el aborto farmacológico por telesalud

  • CA
  • NV
  • O
  • WA
  • CO
  • NM
  • HI
  • AK
  • ME
  • NH
  • MA
  • VT
  • RI
  • CT
  • DE
  • MT
  • NY
  • NJ
  • MD
  • DC
  • VA
  • PA
  • IL