How much Does An Abortion Cost in New York?

The cost of an abortion in New York ranges between $250 to $1,000.

Parameters Influencing the Abortion Cost in New York

Various elements bear on the cost of an abortion. All these elements further impact each other, causing the final price to fluctuate even more.

These parameters include:

How Far Along your Pregnancy is

The stage of pregnancy plays a pivotal role in dictating the cost of an abortion. Early-trimester abortions carry less risk and therefore cost less. In contrast, abortions done during the later stages of pregnancy are pricier.
As per the Guttmacher Institute, the median cost for a first-trimester abortion is up to $500. The price rises to about $1,200 for second-trimester abortions (after the first 12 weeks). Later-term abortion can cost $3,000 or greater.
The Kind of Abortion

The rates also vary based on the two types of induced abortion, i.e., if it’s medical or surgical.

Cost of Medical Abortion/Abortion Pill (until ten weeks of pregnancy)

  • The average cost of medical abortion in New York: up to $500
  • Medical abortion with insurance: around $250 to $500 (≈$500)
  • Medical abortion without insurance: $400-$600

Cost of Surgical Abortion (up to 20 weeks)

  • The average cost of surgical abortion in New York: $600-$1,200
  • Suction aspiration/vacuum abortion (6-14 weeks): $600-$1200
  • Dilation and Curettage (13-16 weeks): $800-$1600
  • Dilation and Evacuation (15 to 24 weeks): $1500 to $3000
  • In NY, a medical or pill abortion costs an average of $700 out of pocket to women without any insurance coverage. You can only avail medical abortion until ten weeks of pregnancy.

Beyond ten weeks, surgical abortion is the only option to terminate a pregnancy. Since surgical procedures are more complex than pills, the price for surgical abortion is relatively high. The cost of sedation and medications for surgery alone comes to around $360. A 2012 cost analysis of surgical versus medical abortion revealed an inflated price of $336 for the former procedure.

The rates for surgical abortion can range from $600 to over $3000, depending on:

  • Whether you’ve got insurance coverage or not
  • How farther along you’re in your pregnancy (both types of abortion cost more if you’re further along in your pregnancy)
  • If you have Rhesus-negative (Rh-) or Rhesus-positive blood type (women with Rh- blood type will need an anti-D shot (Rhogam), incurring extra cost

Moreover, in certain instances, surgical abortion can be both more functional and economical than medical abortion, such as when:

a).surgical abortion is done in an office clinic (under local anesthesia)
b).medical abortion requires additional visits, adding up to the total expenses
c).the chances of success of medical abortion are slim

Whether you have Health Insurance or Not

In NY State, the abortion coverage is vast, offering private and government health insurance. Insurance plans such as Medicaid often cover the abortion rates in New York State.

However, if you lack health insurance or your health plan does not cover abortion, your insurer may require you to pay out of pocket. Nonetheless, chances for you to pay are slim. Moreover, there are support programs for those without coverage or inability to afford the abortion fees.

The Facility You’re Using to Get an Abortion

The cost of an abortion will also fluctuate with the type of facility used for abortion — i.e., clinic, hospital, private practice, or Telehealth. Hospitals tend to be the priciest. Besides, abortion-related procedures in hospitals lead to prolonged hospital stays, further adding to the expenses.


1. Can I get financial assistance for abortion care in New York?

Yes, if you need financial support for abortion in New York State, you can reach out to The New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) or a support group like the Brigid Alliance. Another organization that helps access funding sources and aids is The National Network of Abortion Funds.
2. Does Medicaid cover abortion in New York?

Yes, both private and public insurances like Medicaid cover abortion services in NY, facilitating the expenses. This coverage includes in-clinic abortions, medical abortion via Telehealth, and hospital expenses during an abortion.

Moreover, in New York State, coverage for most abortion services is accessible, even with private insurance. Your insurer cannot charge co-pays or deductibles (unless you’re on a high deductible plan), making your out-of-pocket expenses zero. This coverage follows the law laid down by the NY State lawmakers.

3. Can my insurance provider limit coverage for abortion?

No, the New York Law prohibits insurers from limiting or excluding coverage for medically justifiable abortions.

4. Do I have to be a New York resident to receive abortion services?

No. No. Abortion is legal and allowed in the NY State for both New Yorkers and visitors to NY. You don’t need to be a NY State resident to access abortion services here. If your home state has banned abortion, or if you elect to receive an abortion in New York for other reasons, you can access it by traveling to the NY state.

No. Abortion is legal and allowed in the NY State for both New Yorkers and visitors to NY. You don’t need to be a NY State resident to access abortion services here.

5. Will I get abortion coverage if I travel from another state to New York?

Being an out-of-state resident, you may or may not have abortion coverage depending upon your state regulations about abortion. Health coverage terms of the New York for abortion only operate for programs bought in this state. If you purchased your insurance from a state that restricts abortions, you might lack health coverage for abortion in New York. So, be sure to check with your insurance provider if your health plan covers abortion services or not.